Huntsman season is upon us.

Adam and the kids were in the lounge room watching The Two Towers tonight while I hid in the study. There comes a call summoning me, daddy is no good, this is a job for mum. What job would that be I hear you ask? Huntsman spider removal of course. Adam does cockroaches, I do the spiders in this family. And here comes the good part, I now know I’m a real blogger because I made Adam get the camera and document the event.

First huntsman of the season

Aside from pest control duties, today I have bought birthday presents for Caitlin and Tom, booked Caitlin in to have her ears pierced (much to her surprise, I’d been giving the impression I was going to make her wait till she was 16) and got my hair cut and coloured. It’s shorter than it’s been in a while, the colour is burgundy with blonde foils.

New Hair

I seem to have broken the kids, David has blisters and Tom was in tears with leg cramps at school yesterday, so I thought better of making them walk to school this morning and it turns out I must have needed a break too because I haven’t done the resistance workout or the treadmill walking instead of the walk to school that I intended to do today. Which is fine, I’ll get back into it tomorrow.

baked beans with onion and bacon on toast – 5pts
Lamb casserole with couscous – 6pts
Peppercorn meat company italian sausages, jacket potato with sour cream, corn on the cob, broccoli and carrots – 6.5pts
Strawberries & banana with natural yoghurt & maple syrup – 2.5pts
milk for tea – 1pt
low-fat brownie – 2pts
chai tea with honey – 2pts
60 minutes walk – 5.5 bonus points
Total points for the day: 25

weetbix, peaches and milk – 3pts
Sushi and rice paper roll – 7pts
Lamb mango curry with snow peas, carrots and capsicum, rice and mango chutney – 12pts
milk for tea – 0.5pt
pretzels – 0.5pts
miso soup – 0.5pts
lg skim cappuccino – 2pts
Total points for the day: 25.5 (used my saved half point from Tuesday)

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