The Australian bush

This post is for Louise in response to her question about the landscape described in John Marsden’s Tomorrow series.

I grew up across the road from “the bush” right here in suburban Sydney and there’s a little bit of bush behind our house now, we camp in the bush, we go bushwalking in all sorts of bushland, people get lost in the bush (sometimes fatally and surprisingly close to civilization). We have bushfires, not forest fires, irrespective of what sort of landscape is being burned. We also have rainforest and heathland and deserts and scrubland and marshland…but it’s all “the bush” too.

I went through my photos on Flickr and created a set titled Australian bush but I didn’t have all that many landscape photos of my own. So I dropped in to my Mum’s place this afternoon and raided her photo albums for pictures, they’ve been uploaded to my Flickr and added to the Australian bush set too.

Here’s a few of the ones I found, click through to the set on Flickr to see more.

Katoomba Falls, in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney

Katoomba Falls from the Furber Steps Track

View from Carsons Pioneer lookout on Thunderbolt Way in north-eastern NSW

View from Carsons Pioneer lookout

View down the gorge at Dangars Falls near Armidale in NSW

View down the gorge

Ferntree Gully in Morton National Park a couple of hours drive south of Sydney

Fern Tree Gully

Mt Kootaloo on Dunk Island in the Great Barrier Reef

Descent of Mt Kootaloo

View south from the saddle below Porcupine Rocks in Kosciuszko National Park

Kosciuszko National Park

And, last but not least, a little bit of the Aussie bush in my own front yard


9 thoughts on “The Australian bush

  1. Makes me want to sing John Williamson's 'Home among the gum trees' and I am now officially homesick….I'm going to show Nick and GJ the photos later, GJ will love the last one.

  2. Mim, these photos are beautiful! I can't wait to show Jim (my husband). We'll have to travel to Australia someday.

  3. I am actually speechless, Mim.WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I say that again????????? WOW!!!!!!! and WOW x a thousand times.Thank you so much. I am so touched you went through all this trouble finding bush-pics. I most definitely have a much better understanding of what "the bush" is. I hope you don't mind me making a post of my own out of this (can I borrow your own CUTE image – and by the way, what is that little animal – and post that?)I am trying to schedule my posts for the NaBloPoMo-challenge, so I will most likely do that post day after tomorrow, because I have already something else scheduled for tomorrow.WOW again. Australia looks freakin' amazin'Too bad it is such an awful long way from Denmark, and too bad I am no Crown Princess who can afford travlling there on first class ;-D

  4. PS. The Kosciuszko National Park-pic is how I pictured ALL Australian bush, and that was why I was wondering how the kids of the Tomorrow series could actually hide out there for so long, away from the soldiers….and now I cannot wait to read Number Three.

  5. It's a Brush-Tailed Possum and yes, feel free to use my photos, they're all published under a Creative Commons license that allows attributed use by others. I'm glad you liked the post 🙂

  6. 🙂 Diversity of "bush" is lovely. umm…. that last photo – you realise we'd shoot it if it were in our back yard over here? *gentle trans-Tasman ribbing*

  7. I posted about Australia today :-)

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