Anne of Green Gables

Justine Larbalestier tweeted a link to “Best recap EVA of the Anne of Green Gable books” so followed and found myself reading The Ballad of Anne and Gilbert by Diana Peterfreund. I only ever read the first couple of books in the series and it was so long ago I can barely remember anything about it but I still found it highly amusing. From the Anne of Avonlea section: “Marilla and Mrs. Lynde: Gee, that Anne and Gilbert are hanging out a lot together — well, as much as they can considering how far away he works and all. Bet … Continue reading Anne of Green Gables

Laundry and laughter

We often get the kids to help us deal with the mountain of clean laundry that accumulates over a week (it gets washed and dried pretty much daily but the folding and ironing is rather more erratic). Everybody comes downstairs and we chuck all the clothes on Adam’s and my bed and then spend 20 minutes yelling at the kids to stop throwing themselves on top of the pile and actually fold the bloody clothes. It’s a lot quicker than if one person has to stand there and slog their way through the whole pile themselves. Tonight, just as Adam … Continue reading Laundry and laughter

From my bookshelf & book club review

It’s been a bit quiet on the reading front since my last bookshelf post. Once I finished the Egan and MZB I picked up Alastair Reynolds’ Pushing Ice which I had started ages ago but had put aside for no particular reason. It ended up coming away on our camping holiday with me and still lasted me through to early February. It kind of freaks me out when it takes me that long to finish a book, especially when I’m enjoying it (which I did, very satisfying grand scale sc-fi) – you know how some people stop eating when they’re … Continue reading From my bookshelf & book club review

Interview time

I’ve been a little slow with this one! Back at the end of January Liz at Eternal Lizdom invited her readers to request an interview from her, which I duly did. Shortly afterwards, her questions arrived in my inbox and I opened a draft post, began to write, got stuck and it’s been sitting there ever since. Today I determined to finish – and here it is. This is one of those pass-it-on meme type things so if you want me to interview you, leave a comment and say “Interview me!” and I’ll send you 5 questions to answer. Liz … Continue reading Interview time

Other Mother is here

Freaky! I’ve been exploring the Coraline movie website, so much awesome! I particularly like the clip showing the miniature knitting (it’s in the top drawer under the mirror in Coraline’s bedroom). I’m extremely peeved that here in Australia we have to wait till MAY for the cinema release *grumbles* I have to confess I haven’t read the book yet, but I did read an excerpt from it in the Nebula Awards Showcase anthology for 2003, the year in which Coraline won the novella category. Oh well, at least I’ve got plenty of time to grab myself a copy of the … Continue reading Other Mother is here

Blogosphere Book Circle reading list

I’ve gone and joined a book club, we’ll be reading one book a month and sharing our thoughts and reviews on our blogs. It’s been organised by the lovely Penny at Walking Upside Down and it’s going to drag me kicking and screaming out of my usual genre comfort zone of SF&F and make me try something new and different for a change. I’m looking forward to it! Here’s our reading list for the next 12 months. Feb: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows Mar: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by … Continue reading Blogosphere Book Circle reading list

From my bookshelf

Things I’ve been reading this past week. Incandescence by Greg EganI haven’t finished this one yet so who knows how I’ll feel about it when I’m done but here’s my thoughts so far: Egan usually makes my head hurt trying to follow the science part of his SF (and I do love him for it!) but this time, even though I’m sure I’m not completely grasping the details of the orbital mechanics on which the story hinges, I’m getting enough of it to follow what’s going on without too much effort. I am wondering if the central idea really needed … Continue reading From my bookshelf

This weekend

We have: Demolished most of the kitchenette downstairs in the rumpus room (L-shaped bench and the cupboards underneath) to make room for the old entertainment unit. Now I just have to figure out what to do with all the crap that came out of the demolished cupboards. Moved the old entertainment unit (yeah, that bloody great thing ^) from the lounge room, out along the front path, down the precipitous driveway, through the garage into the backyard and then back in to the rumpus room. Moved two huge bookshelves to make space for a clothes rack in our bedroom. Shifted … Continue reading This weekend

I’m going to read to you whether you like it or not!

Today I spent the whole day feeling like nothing was working out quite the way it was supposed to. I had planned to give myself the morning off, once I’d dropped the kids at school I was going to come home and spend an hour and a half doing whatever I bloody well wanted to and then pop up to the school 30 minutes before my Canteen shift began to partake of the Helper’s Morning Tea – a thank you from the staff to all the parent who have helped out at the school throughout the year (I’ve never been … Continue reading I’m going to read to you whether you like it or not!

Kids and animals are a bugger to photograph

I started out this morning with the intent of having a decent photo of each of the kids and pets with which to illustrate the ever so fascinating story of my Sunday. I should know better than to make plans that depend on kids and animals behaving for a camera. The short version of my day goes like this: Get out of bed several hours later than intended (must have needed that sleep-in). Flail ineffectually at the chaos in the house (Adam has done wonders with it today as I came and went). Take Clara to dog park, forget to … Continue reading Kids and animals are a bugger to photograph