I have not weighed myself for nearly 2 months. I’ve been eating what I wanted, when I wanted. I’ve been walking the dog but not doing much else by way of exercise. I haven’t been thinking about food all the time. Last night I was out with friends having an awesome meal at Chinta Ria, followed by a thoroughly decadent chocolate overload at Lindt Cafe and then a quick visit to the Pumphouse pub all accompanied by liberal quantities of wine. This morning I decided to have a look at the numbers. I was a little apprehensive, surely all this … Continue reading Interesting

Being everything I can be

I read a post on Nat’s blog this morning that got me thinking. Here’s the bit that gave the old brain cells a prod: …even now, ‘just’ 52 kilos lighter I am much more of a person than I ever was before. This seems so shallow but it reinforces my belief that we categorise ourselves and filter our world through our obesity…just like someone who is depressed. And this stops us from sharing so many of our good qualities with others. We allow ourselves to become less of a human being. We allow ourselves to watch the rest of the … Continue reading Being everything I can be

Done with dieting

I’m not doing the Weight Watchers thing any more, haven’t been for quite some time now. I was getting nowhere, making myself miserable and ending up binge eating on a fairly regular basis. Since I stopped dieting (and make no mistake about it, Weight Watchers is a diet) my weight has stayed stable, my binging has drastically reduced (I still have the occasional episode if I’m feeling really down) and I’m feeling pretty much OK about myself. I had blood tests done a few weeks ago and all the numbers came back good except my cholesterol. Which isn’t particularly surprising … Continue reading Done with dieting

Thinking differently & Weigh-in week 12

There’s this thing that happens when every thought you have about food is about restrictions, when there’s a moral overtone to decision making, when all the time the idea of failure is lurking in the back of your mind. It drives you slightly nuts. I was starting to feel like I was fighting with myself all the time, it was all about what I shouldn’t do, what I couldn’t have, what I ought to avoid. Switching to Core has helped a little, much less of the counting and calculating and having to assess whether I could “afford” to eat even … Continue reading Thinking differently & Weigh-in week 12

Link-fest No.1

Not sure how often I’ll post one of these, probably whenever I’ve collected a decent number of links and before they get too out of date. On Alas! A blog Myca links to a series of essays titled “Christians in the Hand of an Angry God” posted by bradhicks on his LJ. (The LJ posts are 3 years old but still well worth a read.) blue milk is asking “What does a feminist mother look like?“, subsequent posts on her blog have some of the answers she’s received. I may get around to posting my own response eventually. Kate Harding … Continue reading Link-fest No.1