I have not weighed myself for nearly 2 months. I’ve been eating what I wanted, when I wanted. I’ve been walking the dog but not doing much else by way of exercise. I haven’t been thinking about food all the time.

Last night I was out with friends having an awesome meal at Chinta Ria, followed by a thoroughly decadent chocolate overload at Lindt Cafe and then a quick visit to the Pumphouse pub all accompanied by liberal quantities of wine.

This morning I decided to have a look at the numbers. I was a little apprehensive, surely all this not worrying about food and exercise would have to translate into consequences on the scales?

I weigh exactly what I did last time I stood on the scales.

(Bet my cholesterol levels haven’t changed much though :P)

8 thoughts on “Interesting

  1. Mim, that is great. It’s not working for me, though :(I need to get my head around the ‘not thinking about food’ bit I just can’t do that.I haven’t weighed for about a month and when I stepped onthe scales today I had gained 3 kilos. (insert swearing here!!!)

  2. Lisa, I’ve been working towards this for a long time and there was a 15kg gain involved. I’m pretty much back where I was when I began my blog. The whole time I was gaining I was feeling pretty crap about myself. At this point I’m just really glad I don’t seem to be doing the classic “re-gain everything you lost and then add a good bit more” thing.

  3. That’s AWESOME!!I did the same awhile back. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. I gained tons of weight.But I think it’s because I had screwed up my metabolism so badly.

  4. MimThat is terrific – there has to come a stage in this journey when food is not in your constant thoughts. Keep up the great workTrish

  5. After that thoroughly enjoyable pigout, I ate just as badly on the Sunday (I made Duck a l’orange, which I may managed to blog about soon) and still managed to come out about even over the last month… I just can’t make any sense of my weight. God I wish I could I could translate that to not obsessing about it. Glad to see you seem to have found an even keel. Have you found the Holy Grail of intuitive eating? Or have you made the magic lifestyle change? So bloody frustrating, how did eating get so complicated!!!!!?

  6. As someone who is restrting a diet and feeling faint having put on weight over the past few months, maybe I should do things your way and just enjoy life more. It makes it more fun anyway (but I don´t fit into my clothes and more…..) At least maintaining weight is also a positive step.

  7. I’ve been doing the same and gained almost 10kgs. I think it’s got more to do with being sick most of this winter. Stuck behind a desk all day and confined indoors due to rain.I tried to do a bit of exercise lately and almost coughed up a lung.I HATE not being able to breath properly!Skuse the moan. Well done you… I’m hoping to get that pesky 10kgs off before xmas.. Not for any other reason than because I want to feel freer in my body.

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