Menu plan 11 Aug 08

Thursday night was the only slip up last week, KFC for the second week in a row. I call that progress 😛 The apple and rhubarb crumble on Tuesday was awesome if I do say so myself, definitely make that again some time. Di and Bren came over on Friday night so I ended up cooking chicken burritos as well as tacos, then we watched Stargate: Continuum, was good 🙂 MondaySteak, jacket potato and grilled vegFruit & yoghurtTuesdayCorned beef, onion sauce and steamed vegIce cream & fruitWednesdayBBQ chicken, prawns, salad & bread rollsCrepes – lemon and sugar for me, maple … Continue reading Menu plan 11 Aug 08

Menu plan 4 Aug 08

Last week would have gone a lot smoother if I’d managed to plan the shopping as well as our meals. I was still on the uphill stretch from being sick (today is the first time I’ve felt like I had any energy) and I couldn’t get my head around more than one day at a time. By Thursday night I’d dropped the culinary bundle completely, we had KFC for dinner *sigh*, then on Friday we had pizza (not homemade). On Saturday I bought Cornish Pasties and sausage rolls (I figured the kids weren’t going to go for the pasties) and … Continue reading Menu plan 4 Aug 08

Menu plan 28 July 08

The past week went pretty much according to plan. This week Adam is off to New Zealand for a couple of days and I always find having him away leaves me much less motivated to cook so it might be a little more challenging this week. MondayVeal casserole, noodles and green beansApple crumble and custardTuesdaySpaghetti bolognese and saladFruit & yoghurtWednesdayChicken and pumpkin risottoFruit & yoghurtThursdayButter chicken curry, rice and steamed vegFruit & yoghurtFridayBouillabaisse with breadIce cream & fruitSaturdayBBQ – steak, sausages, jacket potatoes and saladGrilled fruit kebabs with chocolate sauceSundayHomemade pizzaFresh fruit Continue reading Menu plan 28 July 08

Done with dieting

I’m not doing the Weight Watchers thing any more, haven’t been for quite some time now. I was getting nowhere, making myself miserable and ending up binge eating on a fairly regular basis. Since I stopped dieting (and make no mistake about it, Weight Watchers is a diet) my weight has stayed stable, my binging has drastically reduced (I still have the occasional episode if I’m feeling really down) and I’m feeling pretty much OK about myself. I had blood tests done a few weeks ago and all the numbers came back good except my cholesterol. Which isn’t particularly surprising … Continue reading Done with dieting

Menu plan 21 July 08

Well, school holidays, traveling and getting sick (and I’m still not well damn it!) have meant I haven’t cooked properly in waaay too long. It’s got to the point where I’m positively craving ordinary food 😛 We did have a pretty awesome lunch on Saturday though, I bought fresh bread rolls, tiger prawns, oysters and some salads and we sat on the front deck in the sun with a bottle of bubbly. ‘Twas nice 🙂 Here’s the plan for the week ahead: MondayOven baked crumbed chicken, corn on the cob, carrots and broccoliFruit & yoghurtTuesdayBeef goulash, noodles & steamed vegFruit … Continue reading Menu plan 21 July 08

Menu plan 23 June 08

Haven’t done one of these in a while and the lack has been showing up very clearly in our grocery budget and our eating out/takeaway budget – oops! Time to get back on track. MondayOven fish and chipsFruit & yoghurtTuesdayBangers and mashFruit & yoghurtWednesdayBaked dinner – leg of lambRice puddingThursdayChicken Korma curry & riceFruit & yoghurtFridayBBQ ribs, corn, jacket potato and saladIce cream & fruitSaturdaySteak sandwiches and chipsFruit & yoghurtSundayHam and cheese pasta bakeIce cream & fruit Continue reading Menu plan 23 June 08

Menu plan 26 May 08

Last week in review: Monday and Tuesday happened as planned, Wednesday’s fish morphed into Chinese takeaway (thanks Dad for going to pick it up, nothing like being invited over for dinner and then having to bring it with you), Thursday ended up being reheated beef bourguignon instead of the chicken casserole, David refused to eat the shepherds pie on Friday, we had homemade pizza on Saturday and last night we went out for teppanyaki at Fujiya in Gordon and it was good. I’m getting heartily sick of being bombarded with interrogations about “what’s for dessert?” before I’m anywhere near finishing … Continue reading Menu plan 26 May 08

Menu plan 19 May 08

I keep writing these things and then half the time deciding that I don’t really want what I have planned for that night. Still, I’m cooking more than I was and there’s often something in the freezer I can reheat on the days when wrestling with the kitchen seems too much like hard work. MondayLamb cutlets, noodles & steamed vegFruit & yogurtTuesdayCorned beef, onion sauce & steamed vegFruit & yogurtWednesdayGrilled fish, oven wedges & saladRice puddingThursdayChicken and leek casserole with riceFruit & yoghurtFridayShepherds pieIce cream & fruitSaturdayBBQ seafood and stir fry vegApple crumble & custardSundayMango chicken curry & riceFruit & … Continue reading Menu plan 19 May 08

Menu plan 5 May 08

Sleep? Who needs sleep when there’s a new Dr Who episode to watch. Yeah, I should have been in bed 3 hours ago but I had stuff to do for the mothers day craft stall and then Adam came out with his laptop with the new ep and well, here we still are. At least I’ve manged to do something else useful at the same time! MondayTacos & saladFruit saladTuesdayOven fish & chipsFruit and yoghurtWednesdayVeal casseroleStewed fruit and custardThursdayButter chicken and riceFruit & yoghurtFridayBBQ steak etc – not that I’ll be here for this one. Instead I’ll be at the … Continue reading Menu plan 5 May 08

Menu plan 28 April 08

Most of the family is down with a lurgi, we have headaches and sore throats and backaches and general miserableness. Caitlin is the only one who seems to be ok. Great start to the school term *sigh* Cooking dinner tonight was a major effort and when Adam came home he said it was a pleasant surprise – I think he was expecting me to do the pathetic and helpless routine and ask him to get something on the way home. So for the rest of the week I’ve tried to choose meals that won’t seem too overwhelming to produce in … Continue reading Menu plan 28 April 08