Menu plan 14 April 08

Last week’s plan held up ok-ish. The beef casserole I cooked was one with onions, carrots and green capsicum and cheesy herb dumplings which was a new recipe for the kids so I reckon I can count that as my new meal for the month. I had cooked it before though, many years ago, I’ll be doing it again for sure, I’d forgotten how good it was! My Wednesday got gobbled up by school stuff and I didn’t manage to go shopping so we had takeaway fish and chips instead of the fish parcels and Thursday turned into a spag … Continue reading Menu plan 14 April 08

Menu plan 7th April 08

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had a menu plan pinned to the cork board in the kitchen and let me tell you it has not been good. We’ve eaten some very odd (shopping not done), late (paralysed by not knowing what to cook and leaving it to the last minute to produce dinner) and boring meals (not spag bol again!) in that time, plus spent way more than we should on takeaway food and eating out. So, back to the planning we go. Nothing particularly new or interesting this week, just the fun of a birthday party at … Continue reading Menu plan 7th April 08

Menu plan 3 Mar 08

As usual, firstly a review of last week. What I thought was frozen veal casserole turned out to be beef goulash so that was a bit of a surprise on Thursday (no-one minded though). I still didn’t get a decent grocery shop done early in the week and when I should have been out on Friday picking up the makings of homemade hamburgers and steak and kidney I was at home waiting for the new dishwasher to be delivered (it arrived safely, it fits and it works like a dream) so we ended up having a left-overs night and then … Continue reading Menu plan 3 Mar 08

Menu plan 25 Feb 08

Um, let’s not talk about how last week went. At least the fact that I didn’t at any point manage to do a proper grocery shop means that there wasn’t any food to waste. Never mind, after all, the best-laid schemes o’ mice an ‘men gang aft agley do they not? MondayBaked dinner – lamb shanks and lots of baked veg mmmmmmApple pie & custardTuesdayLasagne & salad – Tom will be mightily unimpressed if there’s no meat involved so I may do two smaller ones (one veggie and one meat).Ice cream & fruitWednesdayChicken rice bake & saladFresh fruitThursdayVeal casserole & … Continue reading Menu plan 25 Feb 08

Menu plan 18 Feb 08

Last week went pretty much according to plan the only changes being that Friday’s grilled fish turned into takeaway fish and chips and Sunday’s baked dinner was cooked by my mum instead of me, and damn good it was too – thanks mum! This week it’s all about me staying sane while Adam is away in the US for the week, I have a P&C meeting to go to on Tuesday night and meet the teacher night is on Wednesday so I’m making it as easy as possible. MondayOven chicken and chipsFruit & yogurtTuesdayChinese takeaway – I can order this … Continue reading Menu plan 18 Feb 08

Menu plan 11 Feb 08

There was mixed success with sticking to last week’s plan. The tuna and rice bake was a hit with Tom, the others seemed to think I was poisoning them, the spiced snapper was a little better received with Caitlin being the only one not to try it. Friday night I went out for dinner so Adam ordered pizza and Sunday we were totally disorganised so we went with spag bol instead. MondayBBQ steak, jacket potato, corn on the cob and salad. Dessert: Fruit & jelly.TuesdayBeef goulash, noodles and steamed veg. Dessert: Fruit & yogurt.WednesdayProscuitto wrapped pork fillet, mashed potato and … Continue reading Menu plan 11 Feb 08

For once the avocado was perfect

The meal planning thing has been working quite well this week as far as the dinners go, I may as well not have bothered planning my lunches though, I don’t think I followed it once all week for lunch. I swapped the tacos for spag bol on Thursday and had the presence of mind to pop the avocado in the fridge rather than leaving it on the fruit bowl. When I cut into it tonight in great trepidation I was mightily surprised to be greeted with a perfectly ripened, unblemished and completely delicious fruit – I must have been channeling … Continue reading For once the avocado was perfect

Menu plan 28 Jan 08

I got back into my full menu planning as of today – breakfasts, lunches, afternoon teas and dinners all worked out ahead of time, but I won’t bore you with the whole lot. I’m not trying anything adventurous this week what with it being the first week back at school and re-establishing routines promising to take up quite enough mental energy as it is. Monday Crumbed fish, oven chips and peas – boring but easy.Tuesday BBQ steak, jacket baked potato and salad – I want to try and use the new BBQ a bit more often than we used the … Continue reading Menu plan 28 Jan 08

Thinking ahead

I like having a meal plan, shopping is more efficient, the 5:30pm decision making is done and there are less arguments with the kids too. I aim for one scare the kids night each week where I cook something that broadens their culinary horizons a little – it doesn’t always happen though. Planning a week ahead at a time seems to work best, anything more and life ends up getting in the way and making the plan redundant, and less means too many trips to the shops. I’ve been known to plan 3 meals and snacks sometimes, which works quite … Continue reading Thinking ahead