12 thoughts on “Forging The One Ring was hard work

  1. Thanks nikki 🙂 I was by no means sure it was going to work out, but I reckon it’ll do, I’m only a dark lord in training after all 😉

  2. Hi Mim, I saw your comment on the WW message board and just had to see the cake. Fantastic. I can see how the fact their were no lollies required for the cake that this would be a bonus. My son’s birthday is next week and I opted for the first time to get his cake made to help with my 1st weeks at WW. Definately an achievement in creation as well as will power.Pamela

  3. Wow, Mim! the cake looks amazing. for the past couple of years i’ve resorted to buying my kids’ cakes because they were raising the bar higher and higher! Humpty Dumpty and Old MacDonald’s Farm I can do but Darleks??? Give me a break! Good on you for being so creative!

  4. Of course it’s accurate 😛 First two lines only, couldn’t fit the rest on. That there reads:Ash nazg dubartuluk,Ash nazg gimbatul.Or in translation:One ring to rule the all,One ring to find them.

  5. 🙂 It could have said “Happy Birthday Tom”… Although finding the translation for birthday might be interesting.

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