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Aug 10th, 2010

In which my cats are very helpful

I think I said ” Get OUT!” about a hundred times in the course of getting the pantry unjumbled. Jack, offering to help declutter. Samantha, laser-eyed defender of the pantry

May 11th, 2010


All is quietDown in the box Until Somebody opens the Lid Weee!…*ahem* ok, we are not amused, got it…sorry… NB No lids were harmed used in the making of this post.

May 7th, 2010

Fragments from a fractured week

Hosted by Mrs4444. I’ve had better weeks than this one just gone, but I’ve had worse too. I’m writing this sitting in my sun drenched lounge room looking out at blue sky and listening to birds in the garden and thinking life’s not so bad really. It helps that I’ve just unloaded all the brain […]

Dec 16th, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Snuggles For more Wordless Wednesdays click here.

Nov 7th, 2009


Featuring Jack in all his glorious fuzziness. I was photographing jewellery in the last of the afternoon sun when along came a great big ball of fuzz in search of a sunny spot. He plonked himself down right on top of my necklace and stretched out to snooze. “Excuse me!” said I, but he would […]

Nov 6th, 2009

Possessive paws