Ethics classes to be trialed as an alternative to “Scripture”

This is fantastic news. It’s about time there was something better for the non-scripture kids to do than go to the library and twiddle their thumbs. When my oldest first started school I hadn’t quite given up on the church, I’d long since moved away from any belief in god but I still saw value in the ethical teaching and the community that a church fosters. So off he went to Scripture classes, as did most of his classmates. It wasn’t long before I was rather regretting that decision as I found myself dealing with the some of the less-nuanced … Continue reading Ethics classes to be trialed as an alternative to “Scripture”

Wielding her teaspoon*

Caitlin’s class has recently re-arranged their seating and each table group gave themselves a name. Caitlin is sitting with the “Gaybo” group. I asked what the hell that was supposed to mean. Apparently, according to the kid who suggest the name, it means “we’re not gay.” *sigh* I was glad to hear Caitlin had no part in choosing the name. David tells me that “gaybo” is used as an insult by kids at the school, so how it also means “not gay” isn’t quite clear to me, but either way it’s problematic. Thing is, if my “that’s dodgy” radar went … Continue reading Wielding her teaspoon*

More on the Hillsong thing

Further info on the Hillsong run “personal development course” – another article in the SMH, Hillsong accused of closet zealotry. What on earth possessed anyone to think that letting a religious group run a class for the kids who have explicitly opted out of any religious studies was a good idea? “The teacher’s federation representative for Cheltenham Girls High, Doug Williamson, said non-scripture students at the school were being invited to join the Shine program, where they were exposed to religious content.” At least in that case the parents were apparently informed that Hillsong was running the course and had … Continue reading More on the Hillsong thing

Hillsong helping girls “discover their value and created uniqueness”

This makes me feel physically ill: From the SMH – Hillsong hits schools with beauty gospel You know what? Even if you take away any religious connotations the mere fact that there is a course being taught IN SCHOOLS, purportedly to boost teenagers’ self-esteem, which includes teaching “a range of skills including how to put on make-up, do their hair and nails, and walk with books balanced on their heads” makes me furiously angry. Continue reading Hillsong helping girls “discover their value and created uniqueness”


Today I am wearing my “You Are Here” tshirt from thinkgeek. Caitlin’s friend asked me if it was the milky way. Yes, and that’s where the Earth is I say pointing to the spot indicated on the shirt. Then she asked me if I knew what was in the middle, so I said yes I did, did she know? And she told me, in all sincerity, that in the middle of the milky way there is a big special cross. Um, no, there’s a big black hole says I. And in the middle of that there’s a cross says she. … Continue reading Aaaaaargh!

Link-fest No.1

Not sure how often I’ll post one of these, probably whenever I’ve collected a decent number of links and before they get too out of date. On Alas! A blog Myca links to a series of essays titled “Christians in the Hand of an Angry God” posted by bradhicks on his LJ. (The LJ posts are 3 years old but still well worth a read.) blue milk is asking “What does a feminist mother look like?“, subsequent posts on her blog have some of the answers she’s received. I may get around to posting my own response eventually. Kate Harding … Continue reading Link-fest No.1