Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest.

Adam got back from Amsterdam this morning so the day started early with the distribution of loot among the kids. The boys got mini remote control helicopters, no I don’t know what that has to do with Holland either, and Caitlin scored a very pretty Swarovski crystal pendant. I got tea from the British Museum and there was also a haul of books on various things medieval – anglo saxon crafts, celtic and norse designs, and saxon and viking artefacts – and a set of dvds titled Masterpieces of the British Museum.

Breakfast followed, eventually. Tom had been promised maccas brekky so I did the drive through thing and brought back hotcakes and muffins. I do like the sausage and egg muffins but the hotcakes leave a lot to be desired, Adam makes much better ones, so I must remember not to make rash promises to Tom in future.

Dave and Dad headed off to join in the tail end of a Huscarls weekend camp while I took the other two shopping. Caitlin needed sleepers as I was not keen on trying to re-fit the piercing studs that I’d had some no small difficulty removing yesterday morning (she’d been tracking the 6 week count-down on the calendar and couldn’t wait to change her earrings) and Tom had $50 birthday money to spend. We came home with sleepers and frangipani studs, a bionicle and a remote control dragon. Oh, and grocery shopping too, though that is not important of course πŸ˜‰

Lunch was downed in a bit of a hurry and then it was off to the school where I was co-ordinating a grounds working bee. As our very wonderful General Assistant (who is also a parent with kids at the school) was there to do the actual organising of people, all I had to do was unlock a few padlocks and delegate people to do jobs on the list provided. I swept and shoveled sodden leaves and mulch for about an hour and a half after which my shoulders and my still sore fingers (didn’t tell you about hurting my hand did I? I fell and wrenched back the fingers on my left hand on Thursday, week before last, and well…it hurt…lots) were protesting loudly so I switched to wandering around chatting and looking busy instead. We were there from 2:00 to 5:40pm so there was quite a lot of looking busy going on. Anyhoo, the school has tidy playgrounds, lots of new plants planted and drains that will actually drain now, so it’s all good.

I really didn’t want to cook dinner tonight. I was thiiiisss close to begging Adam to conjure food from somewhere but from somewhere I found the reserves to grill the hamburger patties I’d bought this morning, cut up some tomatoes and lettuce and open a tin each of pineapple rings and beetroot. Um, yeah, it was such a production…epic I tell you! And we had hamburgers for dinner – YUM!

After dinner I made the executive decision that as Adam had missed so many bedtimes in the last 2 weeks it was clearly his turn to get the kids ready for bed while I watched The 4400 on dvd (yes, Brendan, you were right, I’m hooked). The last child was tucked in at about 9:35pm…only one hour past his bedtime…ah well, delegation doesn’t always work quite as it ought!

And now I’m going to bed…

No, wait…bugger. I don’t have the kids’ uniforms ready for tomorrow yet.

Right, uniforms first, then bed.


3 thoughts on “Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest.

  1. Hey, Mim, have you seen ‘The Mom Song’? For some reason your post reminded me of it – although it’s more about ticking kids off than being busy. Anyhoo, if you haven’t seen it, it’s a hoot! It’s running on my blog at the moment (down the bottom in my ‘You Tube Space’

  2. See! If there’s one thing I know (and that’s a pretty good bet, that I do only know one thing!) it’s awesome TV shows πŸ˜‰

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