Beorg-wic and birthday party reporting

Here we are at the end of two weeks of school holidays and I feel absolutely wiped out. Not because having the kids around has worn thin, they seem to have grown up enough for that not to be such a problem any more. Rather it’s because I’ve spent pretty much the whole 2 weeks with a horrible lurgi. Same thing happened to me last school holidays too. I feel cheated. All I can say is it’s a damn good thing that being a Dark Ages reenactor doesn’t require you to give up paracetamol and anti-histamines as well as plumbing … Continue reading Beorg-wic and birthday party reporting


I have not weighed myself for nearly 2 months. I’ve been eating what I wanted, when I wanted. I’ve been walking the dog but not doing much else by way of exercise. I haven’t been thinking about food all the time. Last night I was out with friends having an awesome meal at Chinta Ria, followed by a thoroughly decadent chocolate overload at Lindt Cafe and then a quick visit to the Pumphouse pub all accompanied by liberal quantities of wine. This morning I decided to have a look at the numbers. I was a little apprehensive, surely all this … Continue reading Interesting

Menu plan 8 Sept 08

My challenge to myself this week is to actually stick to this plan, just for a change you understand. Last week’s plan suffered the usual fate of changed plans and tail end of the week exhaustion. I still didn’t get my Japanese takeaway. I wound up cooking a huge beef casserole in the crockpot on Saturday to use up some meat from the freezer that was looking a bit worse for wear (freezer burn), we’ll be having that re-heated on Tuesday, and the Father’s Day baked dinner turned into a visit to Flavour of Brazil (which I discovered through this … Continue reading Menu plan 8 Sept 08

It’s been a long day

You know how I said I might try ice-skating today? Well, I did. I was really apprehensive because I had memories from the last time I tried, years ago, of being so distressed that all I wanted to do was hide somewhere and cry. I remembered that my feet had been in agony but I couldn’t remember what it had been like on the ice. Was I still able to skate (I used to go regularly for sport in high-school and had taken lessons when I lived in the US) or was it just an exercise in frustration and humiliation? … Continue reading It’s been a long day

I hate him

Adam has just got home from having dinner with his brother at the Lord Nelson. It was a gourmet set course meal with beers matched to the food. Let me share with you the menu. oysters naturalwith three fruits06 deus brut des flanders 11.5% – belgium steak and kidney raviolithree sheets pale ale 4.9% – sydney nsw confit of asian spiced ducksauteed shitake king browns bok choylittle creatures pale ale 5.2% – freemantle wa111 pale ale 5.4% – sydney nsw trentingranafrom trentino alto itabroadside 200 8.7% – sydney nsw oven baked flourless chocolate puddingrich chocolate sauce and mascarponesix month keg … Continue reading I hate him

Now for some photos

We arrived in Brisbane on Friday evening to be greeted by Adam’s long lost twin brother…or maybe it was Joe, fellow Browncoat, organiser of shindigs and generally evil guy. When Joe was heading home on Sunday evening there was a brief “this jacket feels strangely wrong” incident 🙂 I don’t have many photos from Saturday at Abbey, but Adam did take a fair few of us playing around at the archery range which was being run by the Companye of Northumbria. Here we have Caitlin in her very non-authentic outfit, it’s a miracle that skirt stayed up all day, good … Continue reading Now for some photos

Queensland dispatches

I’m posting from Brisbane, we’ve just spent two days at Abbey Medieval Festival. We’re happy, tired and broke. And the kids are trying to kill each other. Fun times. Somehow or other, despite Dave, Tom and I all having the horrible lurgi all week we managed to get all the post-Winterfest laundry done (all right, Adam did the laundry) and get ourselves packed up and ready to head off to Queensland on Friday morning. We were on the road at 6:30am, Adam did the driving, I was no use drugged up on Codral and snoozing most of the way. A … Continue reading Queensland dispatches

Link-fest No. 3

John Scalzi has a shareware short story available for download: “How I Proposed to My Wife: An Alien Sex Story” You can download it for free then, if you like it, send money! Jay’s Conversations with Patients make me laugh. Blue milk on the fact that maternity leave is not a holiday. California Supreme court overturns gay marriage ban. “The California Supreme Court ruled today that same-sex couples should be permitted to marry, rejecting state marriage laws as discriminatory.” Now, if only we could follow suit here in Australia. I discovered the Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans … Continue reading Link-fest No. 3

For once the avocado was perfect

The meal planning thing has been working quite well this week as far as the dinners go, I may as well not have bothered planning my lunches though, I don’t think I followed it once all week for lunch. I swapped the tacos for spag bol on Thursday and had the presence of mind to pop the avocado in the fridge rather than leaving it on the fruit bowl. When I cut into it tonight in great trepidation I was mightily surprised to be greeted with a perfectly ripened, unblemished and completely delicious fruit – I must have been channeling … Continue reading For once the avocado was perfect