My treadmill is trying to escape

As I walk it creeps backwards because the floor is slightly uneven. Tonight it added to its repertoire by taking a turn to the left and attempting to break out through the back door. I’m not sure what to do about this as it’s bound to get worse as I start walking faster, using the incline more and who knows maybe even running eventually. Maybe we need to chain it to the wall or something. I have visions of it as a pathetic tormented figure struggling in vain to break free from oppression, either that or it figures as an … Continue reading My treadmill is trying to escape

First, find the DVD…

It took me nearly 45 minutes to find the bloody DVD for the resistance workout I’d planned to do today, I found several other long-missing objects in the process, and in the end it was Adam who found it – in a pile of stuff I’d only gone through twice. Then I did the workout and some extra sit-ups and reverse crunches too 😀 Walking the kids to school went well, David and Tom were only pissed off at me for the first 5 or so minutes. I went out for lunch with Jen today, we were supposed to be … Continue reading First, find the DVD…

Exercise Challenge

Ok, here’s my version of this coming week’s Yodaobi’s Whacky Weekly Challenge. I’m not up to doing a virtual climb of the Skytower (don’t ask, it’s in New Zealand somewhere…) so I’m setting myself the more realistic challenge of coming up with an exercise plan and, you know, actually doing it. MondayWalk kids to school in the morning – 40minWW Move DVD workout plus extra abs in the afternoon – 30minTuesdayUpper body weights in the morning – 20minWalk on treadmill in afternoon/evening – 40minWednesdayWalk kids to school in the morning, take long way home – 60minThursdayWalk kids to school in … Continue reading Exercise Challenge

No comment.

WWC Wk3 Day61 serve of fruit and 3 of vegetables today.Breakfastweetbix, 2 fruits and milk – 3ptsLunchSmall serve of low-fat neapolitan pasta, baked new potatoes, greek salad and a slice of chicken and mushroom pizza – 9ptsDinnerCombination long soup, 1 spring roll, plus a little bit of salt & pepper squid and mongolian lamb – 13ptsSnacksmilk for tea – 0.5ptssmall cappucino – 1ptWater1LExerciseNilTotal points for the day: 26.5 hrmmmm. Continue reading No comment.

It’s been a long week…

TGIF! It’s still Friday as far as I’m concerned, after all it can’t be tomorrow yet, I haven’t been to sleep! The Whitlams playing with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra was fabulous, I’ve had a lovely night listening to some great music and drinking way too much coffee. See, we got there early and had to fill in time and then afterwards we really did have to have coffee and dessert with Di and Brendan, so it couldn’t be helped! I am so in for a major coffee withdrawal headache in the near future, I’ve had at least one every day … Continue reading It’s been a long week…

Let’s play traumatise the kids!

I lost it tonight, in a loud and unreasonable manner, much yelling, sarcasm and hyperbole about just how hideous they all are. I need a holiday 😦 Later, as I was putting them to bed they each apologised for their behaviour and we promised each other to make tomorrow a better day. I think I’d better say sorry for my part in it in the morning. I hate that I don’t seem to have enough emotional energy to keep my focus on the WW stuff and still have enough left over for the family, of course being sick and Adam … Continue reading Let’s play traumatise the kids!

Note to self:

No matter now many times it is said, or how clearly or with what warnings of dire consequences the kids will NOT take seriously the idea that they should refrain from endless demands to buy things we don’t need (or I don’t approve of) at the supermarket. *sigh* The fact that they were only with me because it was grandparents day today and I was conned into taking them home with me after lunch – a 1.5hr early mark! – made it all that much more fun. That and the sinus headache which made bending over to put things in … Continue reading Note to self:

Weigh-in week 5

A loss of 0.2kg today for a total of 5.7kg gone, bloody miraculous I call it considering how the second half of last week went. I’m going to go back to tracking here in blog-land I’m afraid, seems work best with the keeping me honest thing. I shall endeavor to include witty anecdotes (or something anyway) with every post in order to break the monotony. WWC Wk3 Day1&2The focus is on 2 fruit and 5 veg per day this week. Monday was ok with 3 fruit and ~4 serves of veg. Today I’ve had 2 fruit and 6 serves of … Continue reading Weigh-in week 5

Someone scored big at the shops today

Caitlin showing off her new skirt, top and completely inappropriate high-heeled boots. Actually several someones, none of them me, did quite well out of the shopping expedition today. Caitlin ended up with 3 pairs of shoes including the boots in the photo which have heels much too high for her age (nearly all her shoes are either falling apart or getting too small) and a dress, 2 skirts and 2 tops none of which she really needs. All 3 kids got new bike helmets and knee and elbow pads. Dave and Tom got new pjs, sunnies, shorts and belts. We … Continue reading Someone scored big at the shops today

Public holiday = BBQ party!

Friday was a no-blog day because I spent the morning frantically cleaning up and shopping, as one does, in preparation for having close on 20 people, mostly Browncoats, over for a BBQ in the afternoon and evening. Everyone who came brought with them vast quantities of gorgeous and for the most part healthy food and despite my original intentions to track points come hell or high water, I caved and just stopped worrying about it. There were vegan cupcakes cooked by Susan, vegan slices, salads and NOT-meatballs invented and cooked by the very talented ZB, Crusty Meatloaf & Lecso (capsicum … Continue reading Public holiday = BBQ party!